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Yea it’s clearly our “generation that’s making homosexuality a trend.” Seriously, pisses me off when people say that. look at this! It’s always been around, it’s not a trend, it’s real. It’s beautiful.

Love this ♥

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I have just set up another blog, this will be for everything to do with my artwork.. illustrations, photography, & other tidbits in future times. I would really appreciate for anyone to follow me there, or reblog this post. I am very new to this, so every little baby step and helping hand will do a world of good ☽◯☾

Nothing is going to change if I don’t have the mindset that it will. And if my actions don’t reflect this.

There will be no fairy godmother swooping down with her magic wand to save the day, get me to the ball and let my destiny fall into place. I create the magic in my mind. I create the ball in my actions, and I create my destiny in my heart.


Feeling determined to change things today.


by siamesesam

Had to re-blog, this looks so magical ☽◯☾

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