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This was my little lady Truffle, back in 2009ish. She died only a little less than 2 years old, she never got much bigger than this. But we had such a bond in that small time, I protected her and she would lie on my shoulders for hours while I tickled her tail.

I miss my little bundle of witch kitten.


today’s updates on raintower.etsy.com — handmade and 100% recycled fabric as always

Naomi updated her shop earlier today. Although I think now all these wonderful garments have gone, she still has some beautiful products available in her store. Perfect for any fairies or witches out there!

WolfTea july Giveaway


A small giveaway as a thank you for the support you followers, friends and customers have provided<3 
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This giveaway is open for all countries and for…

WolfTea is having a giveaway, her shop is always full of such beautiful things lovingly made so everyone should take a look :)


(( Maybe. ))

Seriously, this needs to stop now. I’ve got to get to work and stuff…….

…. GODDAMMIT I’M GOING TO BE LATE!! Don’t smile at me like that. I’ve got a cat who depends on me to bring her kitty snacks!