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time for some seriousness — as some of you know my dear friend kim of wildthorne was injured a few weeks ago (go to her account for more details), and because america is what it is, she needs help paying her medical bill. i’ve created this limited design inspired by her work in order to help her out — all proceeds will go towards her healing. the wildthorne tank and t-shirt are available via raintower.etsy.com i’m making a limited amount and you can order in your size. (specific listing here)

every single order helps, and so does every single reblog !! please consider boosting this post for us <3

beads: wildthorne

hag’s hand pendant: raintower

high priestess necklace: bloodmilk

horns/headdress: changeling’s closet

The loveliest of ladies is going through a tough time at the moment, & an equally lovely lady Naomi is trying to help her out & support her. I will be purchasing my top in a few days, to help out poor Kim and her family. I hope there are some kind souls out there who know and admire Wildthorne http://www.wildthornejewels.com/ and will purchase a beautiful top to aid her at this time.

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Anonymous said: TMI Tuesday: Please explain your first sexual experience in full detail.


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Who the Hell puts on Scott Pilgrim then actively stops you from watching it?! He sounds like a tool ¬_¬

And… completely unrelated to this topic of conversation. I have Scott Pilgrim on DVD.. if you ever wanted to reenact that night watch the whole thing through…


(( Good morning. ^_^ )) 

Sooo my job totally sucks & I’m only on my break at 7:20pm because I work antisocial, soul destroying hours buuuut it’s made bare-able when I can come back to something like this on my feed!

On a side note.. I wish I looked like this in the morning!